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This is an excellent place for kids to learn and grow. Both my pre-schoolers worked

with Ms Varshini and she is amazing. She takes time to evaluate each kid and really                                                      Shraddha P.

help them grow individually. My 4 year old son has really improved with language                                                          May 27, 2021

and writing over the last year.
I highly recommend the school.

My previous colleague Ms. Varshini  opened Bodhi Montessori recently. By coincidence,

I had a chance to do one of my observations at her school during my own training. 


I was impressed by the way Ms. Varshini created a well organized, aesthetic and authentic

Montessori environment at her beautiful house in such a short time. As I know her from

the Montessori school where we worked together previously, she is very passionate about

teaching young children. It was the same passion I saw when I visited her at her school.


When I was doing my observation, I was able to see all teaching areas in the Montessori

curriculum clearly on the shelves in the classroom. Ms. Varsihini had a very friendly, playful                                     Ozgul Erol Tamur

approach in her presentations and was very attentive in her one-to-one assistance of each                                            Jun 28, 2021

child and their needs. Children looked well adjusted to their environment and “normalized”

to me. (“normalization” is used as a Montessori concept!)


Every single child is unique and learns in a different way. There were times I thought about

some children who would do a lot better not only academically but also behaviorally in a small

size classroom. So, I would strongly recommend Bodhi Montessori for the children who feel

more comfortable and able to concentrate and learn better in a friendly environment with

smaller size.

I was very happy with the teacher and Montessori curriculum at Bodhi Montessori. My kid

was always happy and looking forward to go there. The teacher is very experienced and loving                                      Kriti Malik                        

towards children. I will always recommend this place to others.                                                                                               Aug 11, 2021

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